YouTube Traffic

Youtube traffic might not worry you too much if you’re a small YouTube creator., but I assure you without YouTube traffic you’re ratings will be very low

You know what it feels like to work for hours on a video only to upload it and get no views. Trust me, it’s one of the worst feelings in the world

You’ve been uploading for months and your channel still seems to be getting no YouTube traffic. This isn’t what you thought being a YouTuber would be like! You look around and see other channels growing quickly, but your growth is stagnant. Do you start to wonder what makes my videos different from every other successful YouTuber’s?

If only you knew the specific secret of all of the top YouTubers

YouTubers create videos, then you could replicate them and implement into your  videos. There has to be some kind of formula for creating successful videos, right? The answer is YES, the answer is you need YouTube traffic!

Introducing..YouTube Traffic. this online course!

I spent two weeks analyzing the YouTubers activity of the past year and found multiple patterns that the top YouTubers use to create their thumbnails, titles, and even video ideas!

In September 2017, I implemented these principles into my own YouTube videos. Within a month, my channel grew from 138 subscribers to over 1,100 in October 2017! I don’t think that was a coincidence.

I’m sharing these principles with you so you can save years from your YouTube career because you won’t have to do all the experimenting, analyzing, and studying I did to solve the YouTube growth mystery.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. Finding winning video ideas. You’ll learn the exact, step-by-step process on how to find YouTube video ideas that will gain you thousands of views and hundreds of subscribers. 
  2. Creating the actual video. In the first part, you’ll learn the basic technical side of creating YouTube videos. Secondly, you’ll learn the two biggest mistakes I made in my YouTube career so far and how you can fix them to gain you hundreds more followers and subscribers.
  3. Formula for titles and thumbnails. The most valuable pattern I saw during my YouTube study is the way the top creators create their titles and thumbnails. Knowing exactly how to create eye-catching thumbnails and attention-grabbing titles can make or break your YouTube career.
  4. Building a tight-knit communityThe exact steps to building a connection with your viewers. This method only takes a few minutes per day, but it can gain you hundreds of subscribers over time.

I’d love to see you inside the course! It’ll save you years of experimenting and to ensure YouTube traffic is optimized and it’s very fairly priced.