Wix Website Builder For Website Designers

A Wix Website Builder:

Instantly creates your site and updates your site;
Low cost;
Little or No tech skills required;
Easy to use templates;
Choose your web address and email;
Creating a website;
Wix website builder;

wix website builder

This builder is our number one for ease of use, features and price.

is it right for your small business?

Wix Website Builder is among over 110 million users globally and on average 45,000 sign-ups a day,

Wix Website Builder is the world’s favourite website builder because of its many facilities.

We examined Wix Website Builder and spoke to many small company owners regarding their encounter with this Wix Website Builder.  It reached top in all evaluations. because of its super-low rates are hard to beat.

Wix Website Builder has a tremendous number of templates.

Could not be simpler to handle.

Wix Website Builder gives stunning, mobile-friendly website pages.

You can customise your designs more than different website builders.


In this report, we will reveal everything about Wix Website Builder.

You decide if it’s right for you – and if you would love to give it a try, read on, we are offering you a free trial for you to see how good it is.

In this review, we will cover:

01 | Wix pros plus cons.
02 | Wix pricing.
03 | Wix user evaluations.
04 | Wix user experience 05 | Wix features.
06 | Getting started with Wix.
07 | Decision and sign up.

The good:
Unbeatable variety of characteristics.
More than 500 templates.
Awesome customisation.
That most instinctive drag-and-drop.
Pricing arrangements for all budgets..
No set-up charges.
Robust e-commerce capacities.
Mobile-fast pages.
Free 24/7 telephone and email help.

Could be bettered:
Templates cannot change when live.                                                                                                                  Free test sites have ads.
Could have even more storage.

With the cheapest monthly subscriptions and some of the most trail-blazing features, Wix Website Builder tends to impress. Plus, no other website builder even comes close to Wix in terms of the features it offers.

Wix Website Builder seems to have everything small business owners need when building a website, from affordable e-commerce choices to expert search engine optimisation (SEO) support.

Mainly if you are brand-new to website construction, the complete process can be headache-inducing – although Wix Website Builder does it all as smooth (and also fun) as practicable.

Most website builders will place advertisements on free versions of your site, but if you’re keen to avoid these, do make sure you sign up for that Combo pricing plan at least.

Wix websites are perfect for small companies of all sorts – whether you are a startup, restaurant or photographer (literally any website with less than 30 pages runs well with Wix).Wix pricing structure

How much does a Wix website cost?

Wix is the most affordable and best value web developer. It allows more price plans than most different website builders, so you can choose or change to one that works for your– plus their rates are the cheapest in the UK (GoDaddy is the next lowest).

Connect Domain – £3 per month

Cheapest Wix plan is renowned for sinking your teeth into. However, with restricted storage space, advertisements on each page and not adequate business features, it will not cut it for company usage.

Combo – £6 per month

Designed for personal usage. Although it is plausible to exclude the Wix advertisements, it, however, has restricted bandwidth and storage; therefore, we bel

VIP- £18 per month

ieve it is best to dodge if you are serious about growing a company.


Unlimited – £8.50 per month

This Unlimited plan is the usual traditional option for small businesses, and we find it the best value for the company (with limitless bandwidth, 10GB storage, plus £75 value of advertisement vouchers).

Though if you are interested in marketing your company, this VIP plan is extremely worth examining. It will get you infinite bandwidth, 20GB storage, £75 value of advertisement vouchers and 10 monthly email campaigns.

If you need to be capable to receive online payments, you will want to pick one from Wix’s Business and eCommerce plans.

Three plans to pick from. Those are:

Business Basic £13 per month

This Business Basic plan gives essential elements to receive online payments, as well as 20GB storage and endless bandwidth. This suggests it is perfect if you want to sell products online.


Business Unlimited – £16 per month

The Business Unlimited plan is the most traditional of the 3. In addition to receiving online payments, some of the additional features that make it perfect for developing companies are 35GB storage, as well as twenty email campaigns and 100,00 emails each month.


Business VIP – £22 per month

The Business VIP plan is fitting for more well-established businesses, who need deluxe features and help, with 50GB storage including priority response and VIP help.


Wix Website Builder user experience

Wix is one of those most user-friendly and adaptable website builders we examined. There are loads of hand-holding if you are not interested (or do not have time) to make your hands messy with HTML. However, you furthermore have that option if you’d prefer.

A simple drag-and-drop template option could not be more intuitive to use, and that Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) function will also produce a tailored website for you based on your specific requirements.


Wix Website Builder Reliable customer assistance


Wix stretches above, and beyond the customer assistance, you will discover offered by most excellent website builders. Rather than filling your questions in search bars, you will find a convenient ‘Help’ button on many features in the builder.