Website Design Has Many Challenges

During website design, the developer has to consider some factors in his mind

The theme of the website design, user-centric site, the appropriate colour combination of fonts used in the web-page, grids for creating a horizontal and vertical rhythm, the technology used, navigation and layout etc.

Website design includes different points to consider such as text, navigation, links, graphics, sensible road map, essential information about company and services and products offer, contact information, security, FAQ and useful hosting features etc.

The website designer provides a fully functional interactive website to meet user requirements.

Throughout  website design, the web designer considers  appearance and provoke an emotion of the visitors, Simplicity, attractiveness of the website.

Use of graphics, colour and connecting web page, ie social media websites should be considered to make it more attractive and user-friendly to attract visitors and convert them into regular customers.

During website design, needed are the amount of content and suitable text on each page to identify the purpose of the page and communicate the firm and services.

The second page of the website design is the about page, and this page presents detail data regarding when was the company established and detail information about how it started its business and expansion.

History page of the company explains the originator.

Contact us page is intended to establish direct communication between enterprise and user.

The FAQ page is designed to explore features of the website to solve client questions.

During the Website design, the site description explained.

As a user opens the website,  the home page will display. It details information about the company and links of web-pages to including home, history, and client service, FAQ, About Us and Contact Us.

Implementation of fully-functional website design.

Use notepad and save it using HTML. Notepad is a manageable text editor, and resulting files saved in this type with the .txt extension. Without using any formal tags, the web designer can make the program suitable for editing system files.

Source code is compiled and executed through a command prompt. As per the present case concerned, the web designer has developed the sports website using Notepad because it offers the most basic text manipulation functions and it supports both left-to-right and right-to-left based language (Woods and Shelly, 2007). It applies a built-in window class named EDIT and allows text from the Windows clipboard.

The website design must be interactive,

Different types of web pages include home, About Us, services, history, FAQ and contact made. The home page of the company detail about CP sports enterprise and services offered by it to its customer’s. Category option provided on the home page of a website which produces a facility to user to search product based on their requirements.

During website design, it must be remembered to action the site if a user clicks on the service page, it shows detail about service offers.

An important point which recognised during the development of the website is the selection of colour combination. This feature of the site will be helpful for sports enterprise to attract visitors and convert them into regular customer’s.


In the website design, the main page of the website, social media connectivity provided to so a user can log in into the site by using their g-mail and Facebook accounts. Also, if the website offers various facilities to a user, then include the facility as multiple categories (men, women and children) and detail information about products with their features (Umar, 2014).

The website also offers copyright information by efficient use of client-side scripting language.
Validation applied on each web page. An error message will be generated if the form not filled in correctly.

4.1 Review and test the website design.

The existing website designed in a proper manner through which the company can quickly draw a large number of customers towards their services. To test the website, it is essential to check its functionality. The present site is running on different browsers and designed in HTML. For this purpose, the user needs to drag and drop or double-click any of the HTML files. After this, it should be open in default browsers (Rivers and et al., 2010). If there are any errors, then the user can use different web editors. In case if notepad file fails and not working due to some mistakes than user needs to rename the file followed with .html.

Further, can quickly test the functionality of their website with the help of functionality testing such as:
•  testing of the website design helps to check types of links in web pages, database connection, as well as different forms.  It is the best way how users to test all pages such as home page, about us page, services etc. By using functionality testing, you can check if there are any orphan pages as well as any broken links. At the time of publishing the “about us” page, the user gets an error message. This is a major problem, and it is necessary to test the internal and external links.

Usability testing of the website design: At the time of running a website in different browsers, different types of errors may occur, and it is essential to check the validity of the code. It is necessary that a website should be easy to use. All the instructions should provide. While testing the usability of the site, it is essential to check the content also. Content is accessible and understandable (Marrinan and et al., 2014).

4.2 Examine test results against results to identify differences

For testing the website design, web-designer checks every page of the website and finds issues at the start of the web-page.

To identify gaps, a user when clicking on About US page an error will be shown. This type of error is due to a broken link. After identifying the error, the web designer corrected the error and made the website more interactive.

4.3 Evaluate independent feedback and make recommendations for improvements

After preparation of the website design, various feedback regarding the development of the site to perform adequately.

Feedback Recommendations to solve issues

Colour combination on the website.

By selecting an appropriate colour combination,

Client 3: Complained About us

Contact us page to solve customer queries.

4.3 Create on-screen help to assist the users

A Customer Contact Us form provided to answer questions

Assistance provided to the user regarding solving critical issues

On screen, manual contains all internal, external links and function to solve queries of customers.

The FAQ page designed to inform users about the company and familiarise them with product offers.

Website tested using different browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.

4.4Documentation for support and maintenance of the website

For maintenance needs and to regularly update their website as per the increasing demands of customers.

Make the website friendly by providing support to the customers (Shelly, 2010).

In addition to this, regular updating of the site is necessary to provide transparent information about products and services to its clients on time.

Not regularly, but the company should check their website as well as code.

For the proper maintenance, it is necessary that a company update all their information regularly.

At the time of problems, any discrepancies occur than should find out the answers.

Further, the company can display regular updates with the latest sports clothing and accessories (Woods and Shelly, 2008).

Goals of the website

The primary purpose of designing the site for the is to sell the products to its customers.