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Website Designers Strategies

This covers the main issues for all Website Designers.

Specific matters to be thought about if you’re instructing website designers, or if you’re an agency and are some of the issues to be covered with your customers.

The report has been developed over 15 years of our being experts as Website Designers using a range of technologies plus content administration.

Operating on both sides of the equation as clients and website designers we have a good understanding of website design.

You’re an agency, you might find there are distinct questions you want to add based on what technology you handle to build sites, (as website designers)

If a website is based following a template or if it is a full custom build, this package of services you offer with your build, plus your internal process.

As website designers, you may need to include specific company goals, references to current websites you have, or other knowledge you feel is appropriate.

Whenever you are applying this to invite suggestions, you may furthermore ask information regarding project management, timelines, references including additional issues that will assist you in picking between opposing agencies.

Adopting these suggestions

We have published this because we think professional customers will make the Industry secure.

Also, we believe that you find this helpful. We have kept the formatting deliberately relaxed. It is simple to modify, combine tables or structured areas for solutions, your logo etc.

When you decide to use this text in part or whole – feel free. We have released this under Creative Commons Attribution License (see the link for more further Information). We merely ask for a recommendation either in your document or website If you have suggestions or additional points to be added, feel free contact us by our website

Do You Know The Background Information Required By Website Designers

 Is it a New or replacement website?
 How to replace a website, what is your current domain and,
o Why do you need a presentation website during its build?                                              o How to apply for Analytics/account access or releases

Why You Need A Motive For Change? 

 What are the organisational objects are for the site – what do you need to do from this new website? (Aims should be SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and have a timeframe)

Why We Need A Target Audience And Why The Website Designers Need This

 Who is your target viewers?

o Maybe more than 1 / Maybe distinctive of your clients
(for instance a non-profit might)

Why target specific donations plus highlight their work and a second audience is sponsors)

o Do you have an ideal customer profile?
o Why will people come to your site?
(reports/articles/contact details/pricing ?)

Why Should You Bother About Content?
 What does that company do? Review, with
goods/service and history etc.
o List these subject areas – of most relevant to most unimportant, focus on issues (which can later become that website map).
o Is there content ready to describe the story (photos,
videos, document, diagrams, etc.)

Privacy Statement and Terms of Use 

Incorporate this and include Google favourable privacy statement if you intend on doing Adwords, AdSense, etc.
Specific Privacy Policy conditions will be produced by your Calls to Action – how your site communicates with visitors). Who is going to address explicit content, or update the old material for the Website Designers new website?

Will it be achieved with Search Engine Optimisation in purpose? (See below.
Call to Action

 What do you need people to achieve when they go to the website?
o Purchase from that shop / complete enquiry form / telephone us / study lots of studies / sign-up to the newsletter / sign up to each RSS / ???
 What are those two most important calls to action that will be on the home page?

What Is Social Media And Its Sharing
 Where do you target reader(s) spend time online?
 Which avenues give you the need for giving your content (links on the page using Social Sharing on LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
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You can re-use, however, must reference The DMA as the primary author.

You Need A Website Designers Brief Template?

 Do you need Social Media presence do you own (or want) – and how is that progressing to be shown on the site (Facebook Like box, follow us on twitter, and incorporate the newest from your Twitter stream, etc.).

You Know Your Practical Requirements?
Content plus calls to action will present you a clear picture and what functions needed in the site, such as:
 The blog
 Social media widget for activity stream
 Members-only content section (free and paid )
 E-commerce design skills (including a sub-collection of precise points, such as Having specials, discount, highlighted product customer reviews, etc.).

Advertisement or sponsor Design Assets

 Logo colours, style design, off-line marketing material,
Design Thoughts
 Should a rebuild for the current site – which do you like/dislike about that existing website
 Three to five sites including design ideas which you want (can be from your enterprise and another)
 Competitor’s sites (three to five)

Technology concerns?

 Domain title account details, web hosting, etc. – have all the details together to prepare for a smooth change to the new website

How You Manage Search Engine Optimisation

 If you own a set of keywords and phrases?

What Are The Metrics / KPI’s

 Content Is made with SEO in mind … in-house or via a specialist