Xerox: Thought Leadership & Social Marketing — presented by Jay Bartlett

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In his BlogWell Bay Area presentation, Xerox’s Vice President of Global Social Marketing, Jay Bartlett, explains how the brand is using social to establish Xerox as a credible source of thought leadership and news as the brand embraces a digital market.

He shares how Xerox focused on existing social conversations along with repurposing original content to maximize sharing and amplify their message.

Below is live coverage of this session:

— Jay: Today’s module will discuss Thought Leadership & Social Marketing in spaces you might not expect.

— Jay explains that Xerox is a brand under significant transformation right now. Copiers and printers are less than half of our business at present. The challenge in social is to accelerate this transformation.

— Jay: Social conversations played a central role in assisting the social marketing team at Xerox with respect to “where to play.”

— Jay: “HealthBiz Decoded” is the Xerox website catering to the Healthcare industry. We produce one piece of original owned content every day.

— Jay says that only about 1/3 of the stories mention the brand. The editorial process: Xerox is working to establish the brand as a credible source of thought leadership and news.

— Jay shares a big metric for Xerox: the returning visitors. 35.3% of unique visitors return to the site.

— Jay: “Paid” needs to support the strategy, not drive the strategy at Xerox.

— Jay says digestible and shareable content is what works best. Multimedia is really working for us, along with Q/A stories.

— Jay: Xerox is leveraging the power of repurposing: Write once, broadcast many. We partnered with Forbes Brand Voice to amplify our messaging.

— Jay: Xerox also sponsored TEDMED in order to align with the attendees using an integrated approach. We identified an influential blogger to invite to the event to produce content beneficial to us and the attendees of TEDMED.

— Jay: We created our own hashtag #simplehealth. We more than tripled the goal of influencers in less than a week during the TEDMED conference.

— Jay explains how they are focused on using a journalistic approach to thought leadership to help transform their brand in social.

— Jay: Xerox has been very active in seeking out and commenting on articles, rather than press releases. We want to join relevant conversations and be seen as thought leaders while at the same time promoting brand advocacy.

— Jay: We are integrating more owned assets, implementing events, scaling advocacy, and playing an increased role in government affairs.

Q & A:

Q: What do you think is the sequential order of operations in order to transform the brand?

A: Jay: Once we build the platform, the key is making sure we figure out the investment required to fuel social and paid distribution.

Q: How do you identify highly influential people in social?

A: Jay: Xerox is partnering with “Appinions” to identify targets using their proprietary tools. We don’t rely solely on Klout. We are extremely happy with the results and have found targets we never knew about in the past.

Q: How far out do you plan your content calendar?

A: Jay: We plan ahead when we know certain things are happening in the government. We are also operating like a newsroom, always on real-time.

Q: What’s your strategy for going out and engaging with influencers once you identify them?

A: Jay: Influencers are crucial for accelerating our brand transformation. We utilize our social channels to reach out to influencers, and engage with them by asking them if we can work together and contribute to their content or vice versa.