Threadsmiths: Product Video

Here’s an example of a promotional video that Pop Video ( produced for Threadsmiths, a technology company masquerading as an apparel manufacturer. They’ve developed one of the best hydrophobic compounds on the market and incorporated it directly into their unassuming t-shirts. As is the case with most new-to-market products, they wanted to hit the ground running with an all-out media blitz. With their product, seeing truly is believing, so video is a must. However, they had been down the road of pouring ketchup and wine and colored water onto their shirts and simply hitting record. They brought Pop Video into the fold to come up with something creative and different. With limited resources and a tight timeframe, we were able to produce a piece of visual content for them that dazzled and impressed. This video was picked up immediately by a plethora of online media outlets, making this portion of their marketing efforts a big success.

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