Promo Video Mastery: For Startups, Kickstarter, Upwork, etc.

With our course you’ll learn the skills
needed to:

  • Earn from $2,000 to $10,000 per
    minute of animation at the high end or several hundred dollars per
    hour of your time on sites such as Upwork; and
  • Animate your own amazing
    promotional explainer videos.

Your product is responsible for turning
customers into customers for life. Your marketing is responsible for
turning people into customers. The problem is most people have very
short attention spans, especially when using the Internet. Promo
videos have the power to both explain and improve engagement.

Having a high quality video such as the
one you’ll learn how to make in this course can dramatically increase
your Kickstarter donations, Udemy students, startup customers and
funding, and nonprofit donations.

  • Learn how to get people excited
    about your product and the experience that you’re offering.
  • With your new skill set you will
    learn how to create videos rapidly which means you can sell your
    animations to other people at a substantial profit.
  • The easy to edit software can turn
    previously made promotional videos into new videos in a snap. Don’t
    start from scratch every time – make new videos in minutes.

on mobile devices such as iOS and Android.

spent an enormous amount of energy making your product the best it
can be. Click enroll now to kickstart your future and succeed now.

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