Marketing Resources

Marketing Resources

These are the resources that will take you into a new realm of profit and understanding. You’ll find everything you need in the links below… From forums to software, security to training. It’s all here!

Note – As we work on updating this list, some links may be broken.`

Advertising – Ad Networks

AdsTerra – Adsterra is a premium advertising network serving over 10 billion geo-targeted ad impression per month. They support publishers from all verticals and guarantee 100% monetization of their ad inventory. – Serves ads from the Yahoo! Bing contextual ad network, which comprises of a large pool of national and local advertisers, ensuring a 100% fill rate across all verticals and ad formats.

AdMaven – In the past year Ad Maven has positioned itself as one of the top alternatives to Google Adsense. Offering their publishers a wide range of monetization methods such as Banners, Popunder, Lightbox, Interstitial, Slider ads and more – they serve over 500 million full page ad impressions per day.

AdBuff – Adbuff is the ultimate AdSense Alternative ad network due to their ability to outperform AdSense for many publishers. Because Adbuff is a Real Time Bidding (RTB) platform, AdSense is competing directly with other advertisers to monetize your site through Adbuff.

Infolinks – Traditional banner ads have one big problem that results in big revenue losses: many users either consciously or subconsciously ignore them because ads are usually viewed as an intrusion. Infolinks is a great ad network that gets around this problem by offering an innovative set of free to use and profitable ad units: InFold (overlay ads), InText (text links ads), InTag (tag cloud ads), InFrame (banner ads in margins and frames) and InScreen (smart interstitial ads).

Revenue Hits – Revenue Hits uses contextual and geo-targeted ad serving technology to deliver better revenue for their publishers across different types of properties such as websites, mobile sites, add-ons, widgets, toolbar, and many more.

Revcontent – Revcontent is one of the biggest content recommendation platforms on the internet, currently serving 100 billion content recommendations a month across the globe with a growth rate of 900% last year.

AdBlade – AdBlade is a premium, brand-safe ad network with a focus on quality over quantity. Fox News, Hearst Corporation, Yahoo!, and ABC are among the 1,000 or so publishers that comprise the network. AdBlade supports standard IAB units, as well as proprietary NewsBullets® units that claim to deliver up to 3x better performance.

Undertone – Undertone specializes in providing several high-impact ad formats in addition to standard IAB—including IAB rising stars, several video formats, and its own range of flagship display formats designed for higher user engagement.

Bidvertiser – Though your mileage may vary, Bidvertiser is an ad network with an interesting monetization model: In addition to earning money for each ad that is clicked, the publisher also earns additional revenue when the click leads to a conversion (i.e. sale) for the advertiser.

Vibrant Media – Vibrant Media is another ad network that offers specialty ad formats such as in-text, in-image, lightbox, storyboard, mosaic, and brand canvas in addition to the standard IAB display ad units.

Clicksor – Clicksor serves over 900 million ad impressions on over 100,000 specialized websites that comprise its publisher network. In addition to regular banner ads, Clicksor also offers in-text ads, rich media, interstitials, and pop-unders as alternative ad formats. –, is the technology, data and insights arm of AOL Advertising. It has relationships with 70+ of comScore’s Top 100 ad-supported sites, with a publisher network spanning 30+ content verticals and monetizes nearly 2 billion ad impressions per day on average.

HaxHax – Haxhax is a premium, brand-safe private marketplace with over 100 handpicked premium publishers serving video, rich media, mobile and traditional display. Haxhax provides comprehensive reporting, multi-screen ad servicing, and an auto-invoicing system to get your payouts on time.

PropellorAds – Publishers get the benefit of a 100% monetized inventory, in-time payouts, a personal account manager, and detailed real-time reporting.

PulsePoint – PulsePoint is an ad network that processes 110 billion ad transactions each month across its platform. They’re big on data-driven ad optimization—crunching about 20TB of it every day.

Conversant – Conversant runs campaigns for 5,000+ brands every month, increasing the chances of finding an ideal fit for all content verticals. A real-time publisher interface offers fully transparent campaign reporting along with activity and revenue data.

AdCash – AdCash is one of the foremost advertising networks and provides high-quality ads from leading brands and exclusive pricing models designed to effectively monetize their online content and increase revenue.

Chitika – A popular alternative to AdSense, Chitika has over 350,000 publishers on its network and serves over four billion ads per month, making it one of the largest ad networks in the world if you were to go by those metrics.

Exponential – The CPM rates of Exponential is amongst the highest in the industry and they offer reliable payments, dedicated account manager, real-time reporting, and free ad-serving technology.

WWWPromoter – WWW Promoter offers publishers high fill rates, competitive CPMs, advanced targeting, and efficient ad serving using its proprietary ad serving technology.

Affiliate & CPA Tools

Affspy – This tool compares affiliate offers. You search for a keyword and it shows you the most relevant products from the biggest affiliate networks like clickbank.

OfferVault – Here you can compare the offers of the top CPA and affiliate networks.

Searchfeast – At this page you can search for affiliate programs.

CB-Analytics – A research tool for all digital products sold by clickbank. For example you can use it to find out what your next affiliate product will be.

Advertising – Affiliate & CPA Programs

CPA Empire
Revenue Gateway
Revenue Allies
Market Leverage



CX Digital/Incentaclick
Pepperjam Network

Articles and Content

PLRwholesaler – Free PLR articles, ebooks and more.

Master Resale Rights – Here you’ll find many PLR or resale right products.

niche Content – Buy PLR content and products or hire writers.

Article Marketing

Article Directory List – A list of about 1000 article directories.

DirectoryRoll – Another list of article directories

ArticleRanks – This is a free article distribution service. They give your articles to other webmasters. So they get free content for their sites and you get free backlinks. Win – Win.

Free Traffic System – Another partly free article distribution service.

Unique Article Wizard – The next four links are paid article distribution services.

Distribute Your Articles – Silver Plan: $19.99 per month $99.99 per year Premium Plan: $49.99 per month $349.99 per year Professional Plan: $99.99 per month $699.99 per year

Isnare – In addition to the article distribution service, Isnare is also an article directory. You pay a maximum of $2 per distributed article, the more articles you distribute the lower will be the price.

Spindistribute – Spindistribute also offers an article writing service.

Article Submission

Article Submission Helper – This is one of the best free article submitter tools. You have to create the accounts by yourself but everything else is automated.

Brad Callens Article Submitter – This is another free, semi-automated article submitter.

Magic Article Submitter – This is one of the best article submitter tools that submits your articles to about 700 directories. It also creates the accounts for you. You can purchase it together with “Magic Article Rewriter” to save 22$.

Article Post Robot – This is another popular software to submit your articles to articles directories automatically. (You have to create the accounts by yourself.)

ArticleBot 2.0 – ArticleBot 2.0 is a really cheap but good alternative submitter software to more expensive software. To the time this report was created, the sales page hasn’t been updated. But if you purchase it you’ll get ArticleBot 2.0.

Jetspinner – Free article spinning software.

WordFlood 1.2 – This is WordFlood 1.2. It’s a free article rewriting tool. It had been a paid version earlier but now it’s free.

WordFlood 2.0 – This is the recent version of WordFlood. It has a few good improvements to 1.2 but it’s not free.

Magic Article Rewriter – This is the article spinning tool of the “Magic Article Pack”. It’s one of the best tools to rewrite articles. You can purchase it together with “Magic Article Submitter” to save 22$.

Mass Article Creator and Mass Article Submitter – Here you’ll get another really good article submitter (Magic Article Submitter from above) and a great article rewriting tool as a package.

Article Writing

Article Ideas Software – This is a free software that helps you writing articles. It gathers information from Google and shows them up in little paragraphs. This can save you a lot of time

Simple Writing Software DarkRoom – This is a really simple but useful writing software. It’s a full-screen mode application that displays a black background. It’s supposed to shut off all the stuff that keeps you from doing your work.

Character Counting Tool – This is a free character counting tool. It’s useful to know how many characters your text has, because many previews only show a limited number. And as we all know, the first impression is really important.

Word Counting Tool – This tool helps you to count the words of your articles.

Copyblogger – This site teaches writing/copywriting skills

Dragon Naturally Speaking – A dictating tool, so you don’t have to use your keyboard to write your articles. For most purposes the standard version will be enough.


Soungle – Here you’ll find free sound effects you can use in your videos.

Incompetech – This site offers royalty free music for no charge.

Danosongs – Here you’ll also get royalty free music.

Free Soundtrack Music – Another site that offers free music.


MailChimp – This is another email campaign tool. The free version is limited to a list of 500 subscribers and has a sending limit of 3000 per month.

AWeber – This is one of the best followup autoresponder available today. You can test if for 1$.

GetResponse – Another alternative email marketing program, a little bit cheaper then aweber.

eBizAC – Also an follow-up auto responder but with many extras like affiliate program manager, digital product download protection and much more for a really small fee

Autoresponse Plus – Yet another follow-up auto responder, but this time it’s a script you have to install at your own server. So you got no monthly fee. The problem is, that you need a host that doesn’t limit the amount of emails that can be send by you. There are also other issues with self hosted auto responders, so inform yourself before buying one

Audio/Video Creation

Windows Movie Maker – This is Windows Movie Maker, an easy to use video editing software from Windows. If you have Windows XP or Vista, you should have this version already. In Windows 7 there is the new version Windows Movie Maker Live, but I recommend this version.

Audacity – This is the free tool audacity. You can use it to create a podcast or to do audio editing and recording.

Odiogo – A service which transforms your text into speech. Very useful to create a podcast.

Camstudio – The most popular free screen capture tool

Jing – Another good and free screen capture tool to create little videos up to 5 minutes.

Camtasia – This is a really expensive but great tool to capture your screen. It offers many enhanced features like video editing. You can get a 30 day free trail version.

Animoto – This service offers you a good possibility to turn photos, text and videos into new good looking videos.

Article Video Bot – With this service you can turn articles into videos. They have artificial voices that can read out your text, so it’s just about copy and paste. A bit similar to Animato.


Auto Backlink Generator – This tool helps you to create about 100 backlinks. You just have to give it your domain and it gives you 100 links. You have to click on these links and a backlink will be created. This is perfect to get indexed quickly.

Auto Backlink Feed Generator – This is a similar tool to the one above, but it’s for feeds.

Free Site Scripts – Get about 600 backlinks from whois sites & co, but don’t overdo it, it’s mainly meant for indexing, as backlinks they are pretty weak.

IBL Builder – A place to exchange backlinks, but here you’ll get one way backlinks. You can earn points by posting other people’s backlinks on your page, and spent them for your own backlinks on any page you want.

phpBB Backlinkcreator – This is a tool that creates forum accounts in many phpBB forums and puts your domain as the “homepagelink” in every profile. Perfect to build some backlinks and getting indexed.

Yahoo Site Explorer – Analyze your backlinks or the backlinks of your competitors.

Backlink Watch – Another backlinck checker tool.

Blog and RSS Submission

Blog and RSS-feed list – A List of RSS feeds and blog directories.

RSSfeedsubmission – List of 52 RSS Feed directories.

Blog Directories – A list of 72 blog directories.

Technorati – One of the biggest blog directories. Good for getting traffic .

DirectoryBot – A program which automatically submits your URL to over 500 directories.

Blog Builders

Posterous – A very easy blog/site creation service. You just have to send an email with the text and attachments of your choice, and your own page will be instantly created. Pretty easy for beginners or useful if you like to setup a site very fast.

WordPress – Here you’ll get your free blog hosted if you don’t want to setup and host a script by yourself.

Squidoo – You can publish little sites here -called lenses- to promote your products or affiliate links. These websites are ranking heavily within the search engines.

HubPages – Another service similar to Squidoo.

Firepow – This is an “all inclusive” web service to create autoblogs, generate traffic and much more.


Blog Commenting

Comment KAHUNA – Comment KAHUNA is a software you can use to find good blogs which has do-follow links enabled to post your comment on. So you can build blog backlinks much easier

Comment Sniper – Another free alternative to Comment KAHUNA.

FreeBlogCommenter – Also a program to search blogs for you, by keywords, so you can post your comments to get backlinks.

BlogCommentDemon – Blog Commenting Demon is good software similar to Comment Kahuna and Comment Sniper but it finds more blogs.

Browser Plugins

Google Global – This Firefox Add-On gives you easy access to the Google search results from countries.

Cashkeywords – This is a brilliant little tool. It’s a toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer that helps you to get information about keywords you enter.

Searchstatus – This plugin allows you to view a website’s stats like Alexa-ranking, incoming links etc.

DéjàClick – With this plugin you are able to record your browsers activities. With one click you can repeat the recorded activities.(Firefox)

ReminderFox – This is a reminder plugin that reminds you on dates etc. (Firefox)

SeoQuake – With this free Firefox plugin you can obtain and investigate many important SEO parameters of the website you’re visiting or from the Google search.

SeoBook – This is another good plugin thats similar to SEO quake.

NoDoFollow – This simple Firefox plugin shows you if a website has dofollow or nofollow links.

FireBug – Fire bug is a Firefox plugin to edit websites on the fly.

Competition Research

Alexa – This is the most popular website traffic analyzing and ranking website on the Internet.

Competitious – Tracks the changes your competitors do.

Quarkbase – This tool offers information about any domain and website.

StatBrain – StatBrain calculates on different factors like backlinks, Alexa ranking, AdNetworks and co. how many estimated visitors any site has per day.

Compete – A powerful tool to compare web sites and to analyze keywords.

Semrush – A powerful service to analyze and research competitors and keywords. If you use the free version you have only a limited amount of views available.

Trellian – Another expensive but powerful toolbox. Find the the exact traffic sources of your competitors

Content Management Systems

WordPress – Here you’ll find the most used content management system (CMS) WordPress, to host and install blogs or websites by yourself

Joomla – Another CMS, more complex than WordPress but also more complicated.

Drupal – Also a CMS similar to Joomla


Namecheap – Here you can register your domains. Different Prices for different domains. – Also a domain register service

GoDaddy – Another domain registrar

Flippa – Here you can buy websites or sell your own for a small fee. – This is a free tool to look up the information about a domain like the owner and expiration date.

DomainTools – Gives you a plenty of tools to do domain research and analytic.

robtex – The Swiss army knife of domain and IP tools


Warrior Forum – This will be the most important place for you to learn the Internet Marketing. It’s free, but there is a premium membership which grants you access to “The War Room”, which is full of great benefits.

DigitalPoint Forum – This is the second largest internet marketing forum out there. Has a huge wealth of information available.

WickedFire Forum – This is a much more advanced Internet Marketing forum. Not very newbie friendly, so lurk and be wary – this is not for beginners.

SEOChat Forum – A fantastic group focused on SEO and rankings. This forum is full of knowledge and very helpful people, and is very active.

V7N Forum – Excellent webmaster forum that has a large user base and very helpful members.

HighRankings Forum – Solid resource for SEO/SEM related topics. Great for people looking to learn more.

BlackHatWorld – One of the most popular Internet Marketing forums out there, second to Warrior Forum. This is the “dark side” of the business, the techniques that seem risky can be found here.

General Tools

Complete Google Tool List – This is a List of almost all services by Google. I guess there will be many that you probably didn’t know that they existed.

Google Agency Toolkit – A clearly arranged list of many Google tools. By far not everything Google offers, but most things a webmaster needs. – This is a free URL shortening service. It also tracks the clicks your links get.

TinyURL – Another good and free URL shortening service.

Remember the milk – This is an online service the helps you to organize the tasks that have to be done. Also available for iPhone and similar mobile phones

Slideshare – Here you can upload or search for PowerPoint presentations etc. Useful to see how others describe and present their products.

Brupt – This is a file search engine. You can search for .doc, .ppt, .xls and .pdf. It does the same as a file search with Google, but it’s just easier to use this service.

Web Marketing ROI – An easy profit calculator, for your web advertising, Pay-per-Click campaigns etc.

RetailMeNot – Here you’ll find coupons for many services on the Internet, for example for the webhosting service Hostgator.

FreeMind – This is a free mind mapping tool. Really useful to develop new ideas.


Zymic – This is a free web hosting service with PHP, MYSQL, no ads and more.

Host Gator – One of the best web hosting services. Good features, good support and good availability.

Bluehost – Web hosting, with really good support.

MidPhase – Also a good alternative to Hostgator and Bluehost.

Keyword & Niche Research

Combine Keywords – A tool to merge up to 3 lists of keywords to create a list with new combined keywords.

KeywordSpy – A Service which can especially be used to analyze your PPC Competitors. If you join, you will get more information

SpyFu – Another service similar to KeywordSpy.

Good Keywords – This website offers many tools and information for keyword research.

PPC Keyword Genie – With this software you can easily create a lot of cheap PPC keywords.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool – This is Google’s own keyword research tool.

SEOTools – A keyword research tool based on Wordtracker.

Keyword Corral – This is the free keyword research tool “Keyword Corral” to show you the numbers of competing sites for your keywords list.

NicheBot classic – An easy to use keyword research tool

Wordtracker – One of the most popular keyword research tools on the web. The statistics (like searches per month) are not the best, but the keywords it creates are great.

Market Samurai – The best keyword and SEO research software available. Offers a 14 days trial, but the keyword research module is free for a lifetime.

Keyword Elite – Also a really good keyword research software.

Micro niche finder – This tool helps you to find profitable niches with low competition.


microWorkers – Here You can hire workers to do little jobs for you

UpWork – An outsourcing portal where you can also post some bigger jobs. If you need a webmaster, designer etc. search here.

Freelancer – Another outsourcing portal.

Amazon mechanical turk – This is the outsourcing service of the well known Internet shop amazon.

OnlineJobs – Here you can search for qualified Filipino workers.

BestJobs – Another Filipino job portal.

YourManInIndia – A Website similar to the ones above, but with indian workers.

Payment Processors

PayPal – The most popular payment processor. You can pay and can be payed securely and easily.

Google Checkout – This is a payment processor by Google. It’s not that popular than PayPal but the service is really good.

Click and Buy – Another good payment processor

Amazon Payments – This is amazons payment processor – Another payment processor alternative.


Stock.xchng – Here you’ll find photos you can use for your products or content for free.

Photos8 – Another site of photos free to use.

Flickr – Flickr is a often underestimated source of traffic. Some great pictures with the link to your site will boost your traffic. You also can find copyright free pictures to use for your marketing.

PhotoBucket – This is a really powerful website. Here you’ll get movies, images etc. you can use for free.

Freedigitalphotos – Find photos to use for your content.

PPC Campaign Tools

Prosper202 – This is a free desktop solution that helps you tracking and managing your PPC campaigns.

Google AdWords Editor – The tool from Google, to administrate your AdWords campaigns.

StatsRemote – You can track all your PPC campaigns from one place.

SpeedPPC – This is a good suite of tools that supports you with the creation of your PPC campaigns.

Eficient PPC – Another tool to help you building your PPC campaigns.

Adwords Digger – A Software which discovers websites to place your AdWords ads on.

Jumbo Keyword – With this tool you can wrap huge lists of keywords. For example you can set them in “quotation marks” for phrase match. Offers 70+ editing possibilitys. – This is a free Google AdWords course to learn PPC marketing.

Product Marketplaces

ClickBank – As a “producer” you can put your products on clickbank so other clickbank users can become your affiliates, and promote your products.

Tradebit – This is a service similar to clickbank but with a broader spectrum of products. You can sell PLR material, music, movies etc. The site is an Internet shop at the same time. So you don’t have to create a site for your product to promote it.

E-Junkie – A service that helps you selling your products. They offer “buy now” buttons, protect your download pages and more.

Product Management

Product Calendar – Here you can announce your product launches. So joint venture partners can become interested to promote your product.

JVnotify – Here you also can promote your product to JV partners.

7dollarsecrets – For 7$ you’ll get a report and -more important- a script that supports you in the payment process of your digital products.

Rapid Action Profits – This is a way more enhanced script for your payments as the 7$ script, but also much more expensive.

1ShoppingCart – A shopping cart system you can integrate into your page, to sell your products and manage your transactions. Also provides email marketing service. You can have a trial for 3,95$.

DLGuard – Whit this script you can protect your download page, so only someone who bought your product will be able to download it

PushButtonLetters – This tool leads you step by step trough the sales letter writing process

Royalty Free

PhotoBucket – This is a really powerful website. Here you’ll get movies, images etc. you can use for free.

Stock.xchng – Here you’ll find stock photos you can use for your products or content for free.

Flickr – You can find copyright free pictures here to use for your marketing.

Freedigitalphotos – Find photos to use for your content.

Soungle – Here you’ll find free sound effects you can use in your videos.

Incompetech – This site offers royalty free music for no charge

Dano Songs – Here you’ll also get royalty free music

Free Soundtrack Music – Another site that offers free music.

Search Engine Submission

Pingler – This is a free ping service. After you have new content on the Internet you should use this tool to show the search engines that there is something new. You can feed pingler with your own list of URLs that you want to ping..

Ping-O-Matic – This is a free ping tool especially for blogs. You can choose between 27 different services to ping. Your are able to ping your XML feed and your blog in the same run.

Pingoat – Another free pinging tool for blogs similar to pingo-matic.

SUBMIT express – Here you can submit your website to 20 search engines including Google.

FreeWebSubmission – Your URL will be automatically submitted to the most common search engines.


Tor – This software leads you through several proxys, so you can surf the Internet anonymously.

Ninjaproxy – A free proxy service.

Hidemyass – A VPN Service, which encrypts all your connections. It’s more safe than just a proxy. You only pay for the VPN service, but you can have a proxy and some other tools for free.

Proxify – You can use this Proxy for free, but if you sign up, you’ll receive some more services.

SEO – Information

Robots.txt – This site explains the robots of the search engines and how to setup a robots.txt file.

SearchEngineWatch – A website with articles about SEO and related topics. Also provides a forum.

SEO Fast Start – A blog about SEO. Here you can get a free e-book about getting started with SEO. It provides a step by step guide for beginners.

SEO – Tools

XML-Sitemaps – This service helps you to create a sitemap of your page. A sitemap supports the search engines to read and spider your page.

SEOTools Spider Test Tool – This is a spider test tool. It shows the source code of the page, all outbound links and the keywords plus the keyword density.

SEOTools Keyword Density Analyzer Tool – A Keyword density tool. It shows you the keywords it finds on your page and gives you the density.

SEO Chat – A website all about SEO with almost every tool you could wish.

Woo Rank – A great tool to check the SEO of your page. Offers many parameters you maybe did not know before.

Web Ceo – A suite of SEO tools with almost everything you need. The free version should be enough, if you just want it for personal use. (Keyword research, rank checker, backlink analyzer and much more)

Market Samurai – One of the best keyword research tools available. It also offers some other SEO functions.

SEO Elite – Another good tool pretty similar to market samurai.

Social Bookmarking

Socialmarker – This is a powerful semi-automated tool to submit your new content to 48 social bookmarking services with just a few clicks

Onlywire – Onlywire submits your links to many social bookmarking services with a few clicks almost automatically. It’s almost full automated and less work than with

SocialAdr – Mass social bookmarking promotion – you earn points while sharing other people’s bookmarks and can spend them to let your own bookmarks be promoted by others.

SocialBot – A social bookmarking tool that submits your content to 120+ English bookmarking sites.

SEnuke – SEnuke is a really powerful automated software to distribute your site to many web 2.0 sites and different directories. It allows you to get your sites indexed super fast and offers a lot of other services like niche research and RSS distribution, but unfortunately it’s expensive

BookmarkingDemon – Bookmarking Demon is also a totally automated software to submit your sites, RSS feeds etc. to many social bookmarking services and directories. You don’t have to create the accounts, it’s all done by the software.


Gimp – One of the best free image editing programs. Some say it nearly touches professional software like Photoshop or Corel Draw.

OpenOffice – A free alternative to Microsoft Office. It includes all the products similar to the one of Microsoft Office like Word and Excel etc. It’s also able to open all Microsoft formats and save to their formats

Youconvertit – A webservice which allows you to convert almost every format into different others.

CrossLoop – A free tool to share the desktop with a remote computer.

PrimoPDF – A PDF creator for your products or reports

RoboForm – This tool manages your passwords and automatically fills forms.

Incansoft Solutions – The catalog page of Big Mike, a very recommended software developer. You can buy all his Programs here.


Mini Site University – This is a totally free site that gives you a lot of video tutorials on how to build a mini site.

2 Create a Website – A site which provides tips and guides for website creation, especially for beginners.

Blog Flipping – This is a very good video guide about blog flipping. With its 30 videos it covers everything from blog creation, content writing to blog monetization. The author of the ebook will also have a look for your first page and give you important tips. With the bonus like WordPress themes and more you get a whole starting package for creating and selling blogs.

Google Sniper – Google Sniper is a popular blueprint on how to set up mini sites that rank well in Google. As every product it’s no magic pill but especially for newbies it’s a good way to learn the first profitable steps. If you buy it you will automatically subscribe for the Google Sniper club where the first month is free. Don’t forget to cancel if you don’t want to pay for it.

Webmaster Tools – Here you’ll find some advanced webmaster tools you could need if you are writing your sites by yourself.

TweetMeme – Here you’ll get a re-tweet button, so your readers can immediately tweet about your site on their twitter account.

Widgetbox – On this page you can find and also create widgets

FileZilla – An easy FTP upload program.

Copyscape – With this tool you can see if your site or your content has been copied.

Are my Sites up ? – A service that notifies you if your site goes down

Google advanced search – This is the advanced search of Google. Nothing special, but if you change parameters to “free content” you get material you can use.

Google Codesearch – Here you can find free code for your scripts

Yahoo Pipes – Yahoo Pipes is a free service by yahoo to collect content from the Internet and put it out on one Feed. You have different modules, like a Flicker image module to catch images, a RSS Feed module and more. Very useful to receive targeted content.

Website Building Software

KompoZer – A free WYSIWYG HTML editor with hundreds of extra features like spell checking.

HTML-Kit – This is also a free HTML(and more) editor similar to KompoZer. There are many cool plugins available for this editor.

SplashPageMaker – With this tool you can easily create your own splash pages to grab the attention of your visitors. Very good for traffic exchanges.

10Minute SqueezePages – With this service you’ll get an online interface to create your own squeeze pages.

Adobe Dreamweaver – This is DreamWeaver a popular web- creation software by Adobe. As almost all professional products by Adobe, it’s not cheap but if you create your own websites, very useful.

XSitePro – Another website creation software. It’s great for making minisites, sales letters & co. Cheaper than DreamWeaver but offers also great value

Website Optimization

Google Website Optimizer – This is Google’s website optimization tool. Test and optimize your website for free.

Google Analytics – This is Google’s page and traffic analyze tool. It’ll give you information about the behavior of your visitors. This is really important to improve your site.

Google Webmasters – This is a free service of Google to help webmasters getting there sites indexed in Google. You’ll get very helpful information, like backlinks, problems Google has while crawling your site etc

BrowserShots – Watch your website in different browsers to see if it is compatible.

SurveyMonkey – You can create surveys to get information from your customers.

ClickTale – This service tracks how visitors move trough your website. So you know where your page is performing good and where something needs to be changed.

Splittestaccelerator – A very professional tool which helps you analyzing and optimizing your websites. It forwards incoming users to different websites. So you’re able to see which one performs the best. Though its very expensive.

WordPress Plugins & Themes

WordPressThemes – A list of sites that offer WordPress themes.

WordPress Plugins – The official WordPress Plugin page.

WP Plugin List – Here you’ll get a list of the best FREE wordpress plugins available on the Internet.

Twitter Tools Plugin – A WordPress plugin to create a complete integration between your blog and your Twitter account.

Lunatic Studios – Here you’ll find many good WordPress plugins to build an autoblog. It’s the page of the author of WP Robot, so you can get this popular all-in-one autoblog plugin and also many free single modules that are already enough to build an autoblog.

Unique Article Wizard WordPress Plugin – This WP-plugin receives content from the popular article syndication service Unique Article Wizard. This is free mid-quality content that can be used to build an autoblog.

WP VideoTube – Automatic video posting from Youtube to WordPress.

WP Robot – WP Robot is one of the best wordpress autoblog plugins available on the Internet. It has many modules for amazon, articlebase, youtube etc. With this plugin you are able to create blogs that run totally by their self.

Blogsense – Another really good autoblogging plugin for wordpress. It has several modules like WP Robot and pulls articles form even 10 sources.

Caffeinated Content – One of the older autoblog plugins. Many users seem to have problems with it the last time while others still like it. Inform yourself about the latest version before buying it.